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Bell tents and emperor tent


The emperor

Picture 1464

Emperor tent with chill out package

A massive tent 6 metres x 4 metres and 3 metres high.
Basically its a bell tent cut in half, with a 2 meter extension put in. The result is a very impressive ‘palace’. The super cool place to stay…like a mini marquee!

Loads of room making a very special VIP double room or can easily get 3 double beds in with space to chill out or 10 singles for a children’s sleepover, ….but be warned, please make sure the site is able to cater for this as when the guide ropes are out it covers at least 9 metres x 7 metres !

The emperor tent is a popular choice for garden parties. We can furnish it with our chill out package, ideal for family & friends gatherings, somewhere to sit and relax.

need something a bit bigger ?  take a look at the petal marquee



Bell Tent

Our bell tents are 5 meters in diameter, we don’t bother with anything smaller as they just don’t have the same wow factor, we say, if you are going to go for it then go for it in style!                 They are a warm sandy coloured waterproof canvas, so nice and light inside, have a 3 meter single pole, so plenty of room to stand comfortably and have a 1.75 meter high doorway.  You can hire a tent and groundsheet only so you can decorate it as you please or we can supply the tent with any of our furnishing packages.


A popular choice for sleep overs, camping, children’s parties, honeymoon suites and wedding guest accommodation.


You may be interested to know…..

The Sibley tent (bell tent) was invented by Henry Hopkins Sibley, who had studied the tipi during the expeditions he carried out in the Old West. He patented his tent design in 1858. In accordance in a agreement with the Department of War, he would have received five dollars for every tent made. However, Sibley joined the confederate states army after the outbreak of the American civil war and did not receive the royalty. The federal army had used almost 44,000 Sibley tents during the war.  After Sibley’s death, his relatives attempted unsuccessfully to collect the royalties.

Staying off bestival site ?  Why not consider hiring one of our fab bell tents when you visit Bestival or camp bestival, choose a campsite closeby and we will pitch it ready for your arrival.     Please note:  we are unable to pitch on the festival site its self.